Yamalube® Pro-Active Cleaning Gel 1L


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Black engine parts often suffer from dulling as a result of the harsh environment to which they are exposed and especially from the effect of sun-bleaching. Yamalube® Prisma Silicon Spray restores and refreshes sun-bleached parts while protecting plastics.

This cleaning gel is designed to be used on all components to quickly and effi ciently remove dirt, grime and grease. Its acid/alkaline free formula ensures that there’s no risk of damage or staining.

Features & Benefits:
• Removes the toughest contaminants actively and without residue
• Anti corrosion additives
• Adheres even to vertical surfaces
• Dries without residue and leaves lasting shine

• Spray the entire vehicle with Yamalube® Pro-Active Cleaning Gel, let it work in for 5 minutes, then rinse down thoroughly with a strong water jet
• For extreme contamination (e.g. chain grease or encrusted oil), let it work in for up to 30 minutes before thoroughly rinsing down, until there is no more noticeable foaming
• If necessary, a sponge can be used to get the toughest blemishes or dirt off. Do not use under a hot sun or apply to heated surfaces!

Suitable for:
All motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, outboard engines and snowmobiles

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