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Black engine parts often suffer from dulling as a result of the harsh environment to which they are exposed and especially from the effect of sun-bleaching. Yamalube® Prisma Silicon Spray restores and refreshes sun-bleached parts while protecting plastics.

Features & Benefits:
• Yamalube® Prisma Silicon Spray serves to optically refurbish:
– Greyed and bleached metal motorcycle parts painted or unpainted (e.g. engine block, frame, fork, engine side covers, rims, etc.)
– Rough and varnished plastic and rubber parts (e.g. side panels, inside panels, mudguards, fixtures, carbon parts, top case, plastic case, blinkers, mirrors, etc.)

• Wash the vehicle thoroughly with Yamalube® Pro-Active Cleaning Gel and then chamois it down
• Shake the can well and spray on a thin, even coat from about 20 cm away. Then allow to dry thoroughly
• Wipe down any smooth plastic parts, such as linings, with an absorbent cloth after application

Note: To protect surfaces that may not be treated (e.g. tyres, seat, speedometer cover), only apply the product to rims, linings, fittings etc. with a soaked cloth. Do not spray directly onto these parts!

Suitable for:
All motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and snowmobiles

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