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Whale Grey Waste Tank. The Grey Waste System Solution provides an easy-to-install, reliable and robust answer to managing grey waste water. A tank capacity of 8.15 litres (1.86 Gal), designed to handle waster water from showers, sinks, ice-makers, and air conditioning units. Ideal for use with Gulper Grey Waste pumps for unbeaten debris handling. The compact design allows you to mount a Gulper pump directly to the side to save space and simplify pipe runs.

Key Features:

  • Clear lid sits flush to top of the tank for easy inspection
  • Neoprene seal prevents odour leakage
  • A relay protected float switch is mounted through the side of the tank, removing the requirement for internal wiring
  • Wiring is simplified with a new colour-coded wiring loom, (red to switch, blue to pump)
  • Intergrated low level switch (switches pump on when tanks starts to fill up)
  • Ideal for use with either Gulper® 320 or Gulper® 220 grey waste pumps
  • Shorter pipe runs to mount the Gulper pump of your choice
  • Easy installation with angled feet

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