ProLoc C201 Multi Cleaner 500ml



ProLoc ProLoc C201 Multi Cleaner 500ml

C201 is a solvent based pre-treatment cleaning agent especially designed for cleaning and degreasing surfaces in order to improve application of sealing and bonding performance.

Intensive cleaning without affecting the surfaces.
Optimal long-lasting result
Suitable for common construction materials.
Easy to apply
Ozone friendly

Application Areas: Prepare the surfaces prior to sealing and bonding. Suitable for the removal of excessive uncured sealant, adhesive and PU foam from surfaces and tools.

Instructions: Shake well before use. Apply from a distance of 20cm from the surface. The surface should be firmly scrubbed with a clean, plain cloth. Recommended drying time is 10 minutes. Avoid smoking during application. Do not spray on naked flame or glowing objects. Surface compatibility test should be performed before the application.

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