Owatrol Deks Olje D2 High Gloss Finish


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Deks Olje D2 is a varnish-like, tough, flexible and durable finish that enhances the natural beauty of both interior and exterior wood it forms a highly flexible film that moves with the wood to prevent peeling and flaking. Deks Olje D2 is easy to apply and to maintain and the more coats you apply the more high gloss the finish will be. No sanding is required between coats and maintenance and repair can also be carried out without stripping!

Before using Deks Olje D2, all wood surfaces should be treated and protected, 

  • Ideal Uses for Deks Olje D2 High gloss oil
  • Giving an elegant and sophisticated look to wood paneling
  • Finishing accents on your boat like handrails, wheel housings, and trims
  • Perfecting window and door frames
  • Varnishing vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Decorating wooden furniture both inside and out

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