Greenfield Navy Anchor 6.8kg PVC-coated Mooring Anchor kit


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Navy Anchor 6.8kg

This is a Greenfield Navy Anchor that is available in one size and is a traditional style, because of this it is preferred by many experienced boaters and yachtsmen. This is a rock-solid anchor that is ready to go overboard and thanks to the super-durable mar-resistant vinyl coating it helps to prevent damage to your boat so that you can rest easy and assured a one-piece, easy to handle anchor great value pre-assembled anchor kit ready for use. 

Even though anchors are used most often by recreational boaters to Anchor their boat while swimming or fishing, anchors are also critical equipment in times of emergency. Anchoring may be a safety measure if your boat becomes disabled.

Key Features

The Anchor chain and shackle are all galvanized for corrosion resistance extending the life of the anchor kit

  • A 30-meter length of 8 mm 3-strand nylon anchor rope with stainless steel spliced eye for easy attachment to your anchor system.
  • 1 x 3m x 6 mm Chain 
  • 1 x Anchor 6.0kg
  • 3 x shackles
Boat Length Guide Boat Displacement Min. Anchor Weight Chain Guide Rope Guide
Dinghy, Tender, Optimist 200 kg 2Kg 6mm chain 8mm
Inflatable Boat, Small 3000 kg 3.5Kg 6mm chain 8mm
Boat up to 5.50 m 800 kg 6Kg 6mm chain 8mm
Boat up to 6.50 m 1000 kg 8Kg 6mm chain 10mm
Boat up to 7.50 m 2000 kg 10Kg 8mm chain 10mm
Boat up to 9.00 m 3000 kg 10kg 10mm chain 12mm


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Weight 9 kg

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