International Thinners NO.1 NO.3 NO.7 No.9 & VC Thinners


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International Thinners

Thinners are solvents which are usually the same, or very similar, to those used within the product they are recommended with.

Thinners can be used as a additive to ease application, or to clean brushes and equipment.

Thinner No.1 A general purpose thinner, for use with one-part paints and varnishes.

Thinner No.3  Typically used with antifouling paints (excluding Micron® Optima and VC® products), also used to aid with the spray application of our one-part varnishes.

Thinner No.3  Formulated for use with epoxy type products.

Thinner No.3  For use with two-part polyurethane products.

VC General Thinner Specially formulated for use with VC® products.

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