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NEW FORMULA – Premium polishing antifouling providing 2 seasons protection in difficult fouling conditions.

Micron Extra 2 is a high strength polishing antifouling that provides exceptional antifouling performance even in the most difficult fouling conditions. Micron Extra 2 is a premium, multi season copolymer antifouling and therefore provides 2 years protection from just one application (3-4 coates). Specially formulated with Biolux Technology for controlledoptimised biocide release, Micron Extra 2 delivers superior slime and weed control in comparison with traditional copper only antifouling products.

Key Features:

  • Wide overcoating window – can be applied up to 12 months before launch.
  • Up to 2 years fouling protection even in the harshest fouling conditions.
  • The polishing action results in a clean, smooth hull, minimising friction and drag. The movement of the hull through the water gradually wears away the coating, preventing leached layer build up. This reduces surface preparation prior to re-coating, helping to save time and costs – allowing more time on the water.
  • The convenience to haul ouot, wash and re-launch without re-painting every season. This saves maintenance time and costs.
  • Controlled optimised biocide release for sustained antifouoling protection. Contains boosting biocides for enhanced slime and weed control.
  • Flexible working practices, apply antifouling in the autumn, launch in the spring.
  • Final colouor develops on immersion.
  • Formulated to comply with future legislation so should be available for many years to come.

Colour Card
Antifouling Compatibility Chart

Please Note: Thinning is not recommended. However, for equipment cleaning, the specified thinner can be used.

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