International Crusier 250 3L Antifouling

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NEW FORMULA – All purpose polishing antifouling offering one season’s protection in just one coat.

Cruiser Uno EU is a polishing antifouling designed for both power and sail boats providing protection in all but the harshest fouling conditions. Only one coat is required to provide on season’s protection, saving you time and effort and providing exceptional value for money. What is more, by only applying one coat of this low VOC product your overall carbon footprint and environmental impact will be reduced. Cruiser Uno UE is therefore the ideal product for power and sailing yachts. One coat, One season, One choice.

Key Features:

  • Polishing action ensures that a fresh, active layer of antifouling is always exposed to the water
  • Painting and immersion within 24hrs
  • Fewer coats saving you time and effort, offering exceptional value for money
  • An effective solution for all but the harshest fouling conditions
  • The polishing action results in a clean, smooth hull, minimising friction and drag. The movement of the hull through the water gradually wears away the coating, preventing leached layer build up. This reduces surface preparation prior to re-coating, helping to save time and costs – allowing more time on the water.
  • Suitable for all cruising leisure craft
  • Formulated to comply with future legislation so should be available for many years to come.

    Number of Coats 1-2
    Application Airless Spray, Airmix, Brush, Roller
    Practical Coverage 3.00m2/lt by Spray or Airmix
    Practical Coverage 8.50 (m2/lt) by Roller or Brush
    Thinner No3

    Drying times (Touch Dry)
    1hr at 5°C Immersion after 7hrs
    45mins at 15°C immersion after 5hrs
    30mins at 23°C immersion after 2hrs
    20mins at 35°C immersion after 2hrs

  • Please Note: Thinning is not recommended. However, for equipment cleaning, the specified thinner can be used.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Cleaners / Thinner

International Antifouling Thinner No. 3

Practical Coverage (m²/Lt)


No. Coats

1 – 2

Suitable for Substrates

GRP, Wood, Steel, Lead

Suitable for High Speed Craft

Up to 25 knots

Suitability to high fouling areas


Application Method

Brush, Roller


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