Flexible Water Tank Various Sizes


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Flexible water tanks solve the problem of storing water on your boat. Made of non-toxic PVC, they are suitable even for drinking water. The tanks are supplied with a valve, which can be used for ventilation and with two extra fittings (cut through hole: 48mm). They are easy to store and use

1 x 12mm hosetail fitting suitable as an outlet to your water supply pump.

1 x 40mm hosetail fitting for suitable as an inlet supply filler

Installation of the inlet and outlet fittings Inlet and outlet fittings are supplied loose, so that you can install in any position you prefer. However, you should always keep the outlet fitting (small) as low as possible

Dimensions  74cm x 170cm Capacity (Lt)  200 Rectangular

Dimensions  74cm x 150cm Capacity (Lt)  150  Rectangular

Dimensions  74cm x 125cm Capacity (Lt)  120  Rectangular

Dimensions  74cm x 100cm Capacity (Lt)  100 Rectangular

Dimensions  74cm x 84cm Capacity (Lt)  75     Rectangular

Dimensions  74cm x 60cm Capacity (Lt)  55     Rectangular

Dimensions  1080 x 21 x 1080 Capacity (Lt)  100 Triangular

Dimensions  860 x 21 x 93 Capacity (Lt)  55   Triangular

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Tank Size

Rectangular-200L, Rectangular-150L, Rectangular-120L, Rectangular-100L, Rectangular-75L, Rectangular-55L, Triangular 100L, Triangular 55L

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