Cleaning Boat Kit




Cleaning Boat Kit

Step 1
Clean your ship thoroughly with water and TALAMEX BOATSHAMPOO,
so that all dirt and sand are removed.

Step 2
Clean and polish weathered and dull spots with TALAMEX BOAT CLEANER.
Apply thoroughly, moving to rotate, to not too big surfaces, with a soft
cloth. Polish with a soft cloth before the cleaner is totally dry.

Step 3
Preserve your ship by affixing TALAMEX BOAT WAX with a soft cloth and
polish it before it is completely dry.
This can be done with a soft cloth or polishing machine.

Deck brush set consisting of an aluminum anodized telescopic handle, a
stiff brush, a soft brush, and a screw-on bareboat hook. Due to the
rounded and compact size of the brushes, they are also very good to use
in the gangways. The stick is adjustable from 65-122cm.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

Cleaning Boat Kit, Cleaning Boat Kit & Deck Brush Set