12 VOLT Digital Inflatable Pump Up To 20 PSI


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 inflatable pumps are designed especially for use on inflatable boats, R.I.B’s, dinghies, Paddle SUP, such as …
Avon, Zodiac, Bombard, Humber, Ribcraft, Narwhal, Honwave, SunSport and many more …
This high-pressure pump easy to use pumps features a maximum pressure of (20 psi) and also offer both inflation and deflation options.  
This pump features twin pumps which switch automatically at the appropriate pressure. A high volume turbine pump and a high-pressure piston pump.
Pressure is monitored and controlled by digital pressure settings.Comes complete with universal nozzles which will fit most push on valves up to 16mm diameter.
However, if your Inflatable was supplied with a specialist adaptor you May need to use that with the pump.

There is a twist and lock valve with 3 sizes of a rubber thickness Supplied

The dual 12V high-pressure pump
1.37 bar (20 psi)
Low-Pressure pump A 350 L/Min

High-Pressure pump B 70 L/Min
Automatic stop when selected pressure is reached
Reading scale in bar and psi
Complete with connectors for dinghies and kites
Can inflate and deflate
1.5m air tube & 12V power cord

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