Puriclean Water System Clean Purification Treatment



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Puriclean Water System

Cleans the whole water system in boats, caravans, motorhomes, and coaches

The unique dual-purpose formula which both cleans and sterilizes in one easy action

Cleans the complete water system: tanks, pipes, pumps, hoses, and taps

Eradicates bacteria, viruses, biofilm, algae, and fungi

For maximum results, simply soak and flush

Proven in use worldwide for 3 decades

Each 100g tub cleans a tank up to 90 liters

Each 400g tub cleans a tank up to 270 liters

Puriclean Recommendation are Water systems should be cleaned and disinfected at least at the beginning and end of each season with,

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Weight 4.00 kg
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