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Battery-Operated Portable Handy Pump

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Easy to Use – Handy to Have. Perfect for emptying out those last dregs in the bilge, or water tanks, or aquariums, this battery-powered lightweight portable pump has a solid intake pipe that can be poked into awkward spaces and through narrow inspection hatches.
With a bit of ingenuity, it could also be rigged as a semi-permanent bilge pump in a rowing boat. Using two D-cell batteries (option to purchase batteries will appear in your shopping basket) it pumps 10-liters per minute.
The clear, flexible discharge pipe is 26″ long.
Suitable for: petrol, diesel, DEF (AdBlue), water, kerosene, anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, agricultural chemicals and light oils.
Please note:
Batteries not included, but can be found below listing
Images of fuel tank & fish tank not included

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