International Trilux 33 – 2.5L

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Slow polishing Antifouling.

A medium performance, hard antifouling suitable for all substrates including aluminium. Offers protection in medium fouling conditions where a hard, scrub-able antifouling is required. Trilux 33 gives a smooth, hard, slippery surface which deters fouling attachment, and can be burnished. Ideal for fast powerboats and craft on dry moorings.

Key Features:

  • Slow polishing, avoids seasonal paint build up
  • For all substrates including aluminium; recommended for propellers and boottops
  • Bright colours, including bright wight
  • Effective fouling protection for up to 18 months
  • Suitable for high speed craft

Colour Card
Antifouling Compatibility Chart

Please Note: Thinning is not recommended. However, for equipment cleaning, the specified thinner can be used.

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