Seawag Dry Waterproof Case Bag All Sizes



Product Description

Avoid being without or losing your smartphone, camera or others valuables when out on the water, snow, or beach – from now on keep your valuables with you at all times. By choosing a SEAWAG waterproof case, your device will never suffer damage from the harsh marine elements.

Benefits of choosing Seawag:
The rear window feature allows you to take crystal clear photos and videos underwater.
All device functions and touchscreen are fully usable, so you can text, write emails, and even make phone calls as usual.
Several models available for your smartphone 5 – 7″, MINI  tablet, LAGRE 10.5″

Waterproof case for Tablets

Includes shoulder strap & handle on the back
Front clear window to view display
Includes waterproof earphone jack

Waterproof Earphones Black

Listen to music whilst underwater!
Use with the waterproof tablet
or smartphone case with waterproof earphone jack (not included)

Additional information

Weight .5 kg


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