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Premium+ AntifoulingAntifouling is a high performance eroding/polishing antifoul which gives up to 18-24 months fouling protection for your hull from 2 coats.

This product was developed in order to maximize your time on the water and minimize time spent on maintenance.

It is based on a high level of Copper Oxide boosted with unique co-biocide technology for ultimate strength and suitable for yachts with a maximum cruising speed of 30 knots.

Precision Premium+ Antifouling is compatible with the vast majority of alternate antifouling/bottom paints. If in doubt, check first on the Precision compatibility chart.

Can be applied to all substrates excluding aluminum.

This top of the range antifouling is ideal for use in the most challenging fouling areas on both power and sailboats.

Antifouling for the underwater areas of marine vessels or underwater structures.
Suitable for domestic and commercial vessels with steel, wood, or GRP hulls.
  • 18-24 months protection (2 coats)
  • Can be launched just 8 hours after application
  • Boosting biocides for ultimate fouling protection against barnacles, slime, and weed
Surface | Steel, Wood, Glass Fibre
Tin Size | 1 Litre
Finish | Semi-Gloss
Coverage | 10m2 / litre



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