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Suitable for outboard models from 40hp and above.

These motor flushers / flush muffs are an essential item to the maintenance of any outboard engine. It is advised to flush your engine after every trip, this applies to both salt and fresh water. These simple steps to flushing your engine will extend the life of you engine and prevent salt clogging the water cooling system and the corroding of internal parts. These are a great value product to prevent a costly engine failure due to sand, grit and salt.


  • Double flusher with rubber suction cups, Injection molded plastic components, PVC hose and plated mild steel bracket.
  • With hose connector at mid point for an even flush on both sides.
  • Unlike most flushers there is no need to remove your hose end as these are supplied with a hoze lock connector.


Simply slip the flushers over the lower unit where the water is picked up and attach your hose to the connector.
Start the engine (on tick over) and allow the water to pump through for around 5 minutes.
Be sure to have an even flow of water but not too much pressure as the water will spurt out preventing a thorough flush.
Ensure to keep an eye on your outboard whilst running at all times and keep the hose from getting caught on the prop.
If you are flushing your engine at the end of season it is advised to disconnect your fuel line and allow the engine to burn all the fuel left in the carburetor.

Please Note: This  part is specific for certain model series. We advise you to attach your serial number at the time of order to ensure the part is correct for your engine.

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